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Local Moves  

Any move that is a distance of 40 miles or less within the state of Pennsylvania is considered a local move.  Pennsylvania regulates rates for local moves through the Public Utilities Commission (P.U.C.) and all licensed movers are bound by these filed rates.

Local move rates are calculated on an hourly rate. As with many hourly jobs, holidays and weekends are charged at an overtime rate. Costs are dictated by the size of the crew required to effectively complete the requested job. Common local crew sizes typically consist of one truck and anywhere from 2-3 men.

Components taken into consideration when factoring the cost of a local move include the actual time taken to complete the job, a flat-rate travel time charge (based on the point of origin and final destination), the declared value of your goods (liability protection) and the current state of Pennsylvania fuel surcharge. Additional services needed or requested to complete your move can impact the cost of your move as well. Some common additional services include the crew packing your belongings, having the crew arrange for disconnection/re-connection of major appliances and temporary/permanent storage of your goods.

The best way to get an estimated cost for your local move is to contact Roan's Transfer & Storage for a free, no-obligation estimate. Roan's professional team will conduct a thorough and detailed survey of your residence and clarify what exactly you want moved. We will also answer any questions you may have at that time.

For a local move or a move within the state of Pennsylvania, ALL movers are required by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission to provide the following:

1. Provide a written estimate 48 hours in advance of your move, unless you agree in writing to waive to a shorter period.

2. Provide you with the                                                    form 48 hours prior to your move.

3. Issue you a Bill of Lading form for each shipment.

4. Prepare a written itemized inventory for each shipment; however, a customer may waive this procedure in writing if the move is less than 40 miles.

If you're ready for your free estimate, call Roan's today or click here.


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