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Long Distance/Out-Of-State Moves

If you are moving across state lines,  your cost is based on the weight of your shipment and distance of miles moved. Having Roan's pack your boxes or store your shipment will determine your final cost.

One thing to remember is that all movers are required to provide the following information when you're planning an out-of-state (interstate) move:

1. A visual survey of all items to be moved.

2. A copy of the booklet titled OCE-100 - Your Rights & Responsibilities When You Move.

3. A copy of the brochure titled "Ready To Move".

4. A High Value Inventory form.

5. A written estimate/order for the services to be provided.

6. An additional services price list.

Whatever your situation...always make sure you thoroughly research your moving options prior to making your final decision. More often than not, if it sounds too good to be usually is. Should you decide to go with a less than reputable, or "rogue", mover and are having problems getting your shipment delivered or out of storage, please contact us about MoveRescue. MoveRescue is a joint effort between Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines to assist in recovery efforts for consumers or businesses who are taken advantage of by the aforementioned "rogue" movers.

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