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Storage Services

Whether you're moving local, long distance in Pennsylvania or Out-Of-State Roan's Transfer & Storage also offers long term or short term storage for your household goods. 

What's important to know about Roan's Transfer & Storage's storage option: 

1. This is not a self storage option, we are a full service moving company. So unlike a self storage unit, once your items are brought to storage by our crew you would not have 24/7 access to your storage. 

2. One of the benefits of having your household goods stored at our facility is when we arrive at your home all of your wooden furniture is pad wrapped and your upholstered items are shrink wrapped. Your belongings remain protected in those quilted pads for the entire duration of the storage. The pads are not removed until your furniture is placed into your new home. There is no additional charge for pads when stored with us.  

If you wanted our company to transfer your household goods to a self-storage facility we would have to remove our quilted pads and place your belongings unprotected in the storage unit or you would have to rent pads from the self-storage facility.  

3. All items are inventoried and a copy of that inventory is provided to our customer. 

4.A written estimate/order for the services to be provided.

5. Roan's Transfer and Storage is liable for $.60 per pound however, you may add additional valuation and sometimes your home owners policy covers your items in storage. 

6. Our facility is climate controlled. 


7. Our facility is treated to keep pests away.

8. Our facility has 24/7 security system and cameras in use. 

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