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Long Distance Moves

If you are moving over 40 miles, in Pennsylvania your cost is based on the weight of your shipment and distance of miles moved. Having Roan's pack your boxes or store your shipment will determine your final cost.

At Roan's, we understand that no two moves are exactly the same, which is why we tailor our services around the individual needs of the customer. From our labeling and packing requirements, to our detailed inventory process, our attention to detail helps us consistently exceed our customers' expectations. When our drivers pull up to your front door, you can expect professional employees who take pride in their work. All of your household belongings will be carefully packed, furniture wrapped with quilted pads, your upholstered furniture shrink wrapped, then all carefully loaded onto our moving van.

Like any successful project, a move requires a great deal of planning in advance. It's a good idea to start purging your home of any old, unwanted and unnecessary items so you can start with a clear slate. The first questions you should ask yourself are:

- Am I going to pack my own belongings, or do I want the mover to do that for me?

- Do I want to disconnect/reconnect my major appliances, or do I need that arranged for me?

- Do we have any special products/high value items (such as artwork, antiques, electronics, plasma/big screen TV, piano, hot tub/Jacuzzi) that require special needs or packing?

- Will we drive our vehicles to our new location or will they need to be transported?

Once you have a better idea of what exactly you're going to move, you'll need to decide WHEN you want to move. Summer is typically the busiest move season and will require a little extra planning and flexibility, as well as costing a little more since this is a movers "peak season". If you are moving less that 40 miles, please click here for specific local move information.


For a local move or a move within the state of Pennsylvania, ALL movers are required by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission to provide the following:


1. Provide a written estimate 48 hours in advance of your move, unless you agree in writing to waive to a shorter period.


2. Provide you with the                                                    form 48 hours prior to your move.


3. Issue you a Bill of Lading form for each shipment.

4. Prepare a written itemized inventory for each shipment; however, a customer may waive this procedure in writing if the move is less than 40 miles. If you're ready for your free estimate, call Roan's today or click here.


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